Apartment complex projects are a focal point to our business.  Apartment complexes are usually very complex projects by nature.  There are many aspects of the project that have to be accounted for, from tenants, to material delivery, HOA’s and Insurance companies.  Our focus is to maximize your properties claim while minimizing the amount of work you have to do.  We want you to be able to run your property and let us handle the work of getting it put back together after a storm.

How do we do it?

The main reason for our success in getting Insurance companies to pay high dollar amounts for repairs is because we involve what is called a Public Adjuster.  Public Adjusters are the equivalent of a personal injury attorney for an auto accident.  They are licensed and certified in ways the average contractor isn’t.  As a result they are better equipped to hold insurance companies accountable. They represent you and your properties best interest so you have an advocate in your corner taking care of the dirty work.  Our team of Public Adjusters work on a commission basis.  If they don’t get you the money, they don’t get paid.

The Work!

Most roofing companies can do a good job installing a roof on a residential home, but not every company can install a roof on a large commercial property as quickly and efficiently as we can.  We come in and do the work quickly and safely, and get out of your tenants way.  This way we cause minimal disruptions to the tenants.

We would love the opportunity to meet with your Management or Ownership team to discuss how we can improve your property!