Most homeowners insurance policies will cover full replacement of a roof that has been damaged by a single event.  A single event consists of a hail or wind storm or something that can be tied back to a specific storm date.

Insurance policies do not cover damage that has occurred over an extended period of time and could have been prevented.  An example of this would be a large tree limb hanging down on your roof and over time the wind blows it back and forth and the branch rubs off the granules on the roof causing the shingle to deteriorate faster.

The best way to know if your roof is covered for sure is to meet with a trained member of our team that can inspect your roof to determine if it has damage that is from a specific event.  Then that person can help you call your insurance companies 800 number or your agent to ensure your covered under your policies guidelines.

It is also important to note that if you do file a claim with your insurance company you will want to have a contractor present at the inspection to represent you and your best interests.  Insurance companies are in business to make money just like everyone else and they’ll do their best to pay as little as possible so they can save money.  With a contractor present they can make sure that an insurance adjuster isnt cutting corners and that they are paying for what they owe you.